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  • What the testimonies reveal, again and again, is that these varied experiences of sexism, harassment, assault, discrimination and rape are not isolated incidents, but exist on an interconnected spectrum. The same ideas and attitudes about women that underlie the more “minor” incidents we are often told to brush off or ignore are also at the root of greater inequalities and incidences of sexual violence. For example, the same words and phrases used to a woman who was catcalled in the street were also directed at a victim of sexual assault. A woman who tried to ignore her harasser found that he followed her home and assaulted her on her own doorstep. Women trying to succeed in the male-dominated environment of politics have to contend with a media that objectifies them, reporting on their bodies and clothes instead of their policies.

    The treatment of women in one sphere has a clear knock-on effect on behaviour towards them in other areas.

    Laura Bates, talking about the Everyday Sexism Project

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    “I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to better.”

    Frida Khalo 

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    “Nothing in the world smells as good as the person you love.”

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    still finding it a bit strange that one of my jobs at the moment is to market sex toys and create pinterest boards about BDSM

    i literally just spent 2 hours browsing sexy pinterest boards

    and i’m getting paid more per hour to do this than any job i’ve ever had before


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    “I, as a responsible adult human being, will never concede the power to anyone to regulate my choice of what I put into my body, or where I go with my mind. From the skin inwards is my jurisdiction, is it not? I choose what may or may not cross that border. Here I am the customs agent. I am the coastguard. I am the sole legal and spiritual government of this territory, and only the laws I choose to enact within myself are applicable”

    Alexander Shulgin

    RIP ♥ you’ve taught me a lot

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