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  • feeling so good about life! i’m pushing myself to be motivated and healthy and concious and accepting of the present moment. this week i have got my jewellery business launch on track, beavering away making so many cute things (including those babies in the photo above), taken on an internship doing research for a tech events company which i’m really enjoying, attended a meeting and tutorial for the home accessories website and have been working hard to get everything to come together for the launch that, applied for a volunteer position at my favourite yoga centre which will enable me to take unlimited free classes at the centre, i’ve got my interview next week, all while managing to see the people i love and to stay positive at my day job and maintain what now feels like 9485839 social media sites for work as well as the million other things i have to do and i just feel so happy and good and at peace. 

    Roberto Burle Marx, a Brazilian landscape architect (as well as a painter, print maker, ecologist, naturalist, artist and musician) whose designs of parks and gardens made him world famous.


    John William Godward,Mischief and Repose (detail) 1895.